Siemens offers Hartmann Group comprehensive services around product lifecycle management (PLM), including the management of product data, material data, variant management and data for regulatory compliance.

 There are various opportunities because this [Siemens] is a very large company with a lot of competencies and a lot of experiences. So far we have been working very closely together on the PLM side, and how we document and digitalise the PLM process as such. But we are also thinking now to see other opportunities when it comes to Healthineers [Siemens’ med-tech arm] and to see how its ecosystem can collaborate with our ecosystem, and how we could maybe even get some more benefits.
- Sinanudin Omerhodzic, CIO, Hartmann Group

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Issue 14
Thames Water's CIO Tony McCandless tells Digital Bulletin how the organisation is putting the customer experience at the heart of its £1 billion digital programme. Elsewhere, we visit Hartmann Group in Germany to see how the company is using technology to save lives.