SS&C Blue Prism is the world's Robotic Process Automation pioneer. Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics, has discovered huge efficiencies and opportunity with RPA, and is one of SS&C Blue Prism's longest-standing partners.
   What is super unique about Blue Prism - and what was important for our choice - was that it is easy to use... Nordea’s core values are about people and collaboration. SS&C Blue Prism have similar values, making it easy to collaborate with them – it’s about how much time we spend together, discussing challenges, and how open they are to our suggestions.
- Agnieska Belowska, Nordea
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Issue 38
We lift the lid on transformative tech initiatives in two major banks on either side of the Atlantic. Plus cybersecurity at Pearson as it takes education global, VMWare, GitHub, metaverse, and more.