Openet has delivered a comprehensive, 5G-ready charging solution to Lebara in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, France and Germany.
   We don't have a huge tech department, so we depend a lot on partners that we work with and we lean on them. It's important that we have the right sort of relationship and with Openet I think we can establish a real partnership. We see it very much as a long-term partnership because we don’t plan on switching again over the next decade. We just want to use its software to the maximum benefit of our customers.
- Torsten Minkwitz, CTO, Lebara
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Issue 22
We speak to Lebara CTO Torsten Minkwitz about the company’s multi-year public cloud migration, and how it’s resulted in a more fulfilled tech team and big savings. Elsewhere, we investigate the rise of a federated European cloud.