The Digital Bulletin Podcast: Episode 17

Show Notes

February 17, 2021 - The Digital Bulletin Podcast presents debate, discussion and interviews on business technology's biggest stories. Host Ben Mouncer steers the ship with a panel of guests as they tackle themes around AI, data, blockchain and more.

This month, Ben is joined by Romily Broad and Beatriz Valero to discuss Bitcoin's recent surge in value and what it might mean for the financial services sector. The panel also looks back on our Schneider Electric case study, while Ben interviews Avanade's Richard Gregory on the rise of the digital workplace.

02:12 - News round-up
03:21 - Musk, Bitcoin and the crypto revolution
17:06 - Schneider Electric's culture-first transformation
31:43 - Exclusive interview: Richard Gregory, Avanade

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