The Digital Bulletin Podcast: Episode 18

Show Notes

March 16, 2021 - The Digital Bulletin Podcast presents debate, discussion and interviews on business technology's biggest stories. Host Ben Mouncer steers the ship with a panel of guests as they tackle themes around AI, data, blockchain and more.

This month, Ben is joined by Romily Broad and Daniel Brigham to reflect on the Microsoft Exchange hack, and to ask whether anything can be done to prevent similar cyberattacks. The panel also discusses our Bain & Company case study, while Ben interviews FacilityLive CEO Gianpiero Lotito.

02:37 - News round-up
03:52 - Microsoft Exchange, SolarWinds and... global cyber warfare?
19:11 - Bain & Company: Automating the future of business
34:27 - Exclusive interview: Gianpiero Lotito, CEO FacilityLive

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